Taiwan’s Future in Latin America

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Taiwan’s Future in Latin America

Patricio Giusto, Julieta Heduvan, and Brian Hioe discuss the future of Taiwan’s diplomatic recognition in Latin America.

In March, Taiwan lost one of its diplomatic allies in Latin America when Honduras established ties with China. That leaves Taipei with just 13 formal diplomatic partners, seven of which are in Latin America and the Caribbean. As China’s role in Latin America continues to grow, what are the prospects for Taiwan’s continued relationships in the region? What calculations are factoring into its remaining allies’ decision-making, and what can Taiwan do to bolster its position?

This webinar, which was recorded on May 10, 2023, discusses Taiwan’s future in Latin America, a critical region for its international diplomacy.

Featuring Patricio Giusto, the executive director of the Observatory of China-Argentina Relations and a visiting professor at Zhejiang University, China; Julieta Heduvan, a Paraguayan foreign policy analyst and the national coordinator of the Latin American Association of Asian and African Studies (ALADAA Paraguay); and Brian Hioe, one of the founding editors of New Bloom, an online magazine covering politics and youth culture in Taiwan, as well as a freelance journalist and regular columnist for The Diplomat. Moderated by Shannon Tiezzi, editor-in-chief of The Diplomat, and Juan Manuel Haran, co-founder of ReporteAsia.