In Myanmar, ‘Some PDFs Are Behaving Like the Junta’

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In Myanmar, ‘Some PDFs Are Behaving Like the Junta’

A woman resistance fighter and trainer talks to The Diplomat about the guerrilla movement and the future of Myanmar.

Some organizations fighting the military regime in Myanmar are similar to the enemy they are battling, which is a primary drawback of the resistance movement in the country.  

In an interview with The Diplomat, a woman combatant who also trains functionaries of resistance groups said that a few People Defense Forces (PDF) were similar to the junta that had toppled the democratically elected government in Myanmar more than two years ago.  

“Not all the PDFs have the same goals and objectives. Some have selfish motives. This is the biggest factor hampering unity among the resistance groups,” said the woman, who identified herself as Jane, in an interview on January 26 somewhere at Kalay in Myanmar’s Sagaing Region.     

Jane belongs to the Chin Rifles, which is a breakaway faction of the Kalay PDF.  She is one of the female participants in the resistance movement – women who left their homes to stay in the camps in the jungles.  

She spoke on a host of issues, including the future of the resistance movement, the role of women, and the elections planned by the State Administration Council (SAC) installed by the military.  

Jane was of the firm opinion that the military regime would be finally defeated in the ongoing war, which was similar to the hope expressed by some leaders of the resistance movement. “People will suffer but they will win in the end.  This will be the last rebellion in the country,” she claimed.

“The younger generation should not be allowed to suffer like the generations earlier.”   

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Special thanks to Rohit Chaudhury for preparing the video.