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Krzysztof Iwanek

Krzysztof Iwanek

Krzysztof Iwanek is a South Asia expert and the head of the Asia Research Centre (War Studies University, Poland)

Krzysztof Iwanek writes for The Diplomat’s Pulse and Asia Life sections. He is the chair of the Asia Research Centre at the War Studies University in Warsaw and a South Asia expert. From 2014 to 2016 Krzysztof taught Hindi at the Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, Republic of Korea. He holds two MA degrees: in History and in South Asian Studies, and a PhD in Cultural Studies.
His main area of interest is contemporary Indian politics and political ideologies. He has also co-authored a book titled Indie. Od kolonii do mocarstwa. 1857-2013 (“India. From a Colony to a Power. 1857-2013″) with Adam Burakowski.
He tweets at @Chris_Iwanek
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April 01, 2021

Growing Duality: Polish Opinions on China and Why They Matter

By Alicja Bachulska and Krzysztof Iwanek
A recent survey suggests that that Poles are becoming increasingly skeptical about China.
March 31, 2021

Is the Term ‘South Asia’ Correct?

By Krzysztof Iwanek
When should we use the word “India,” and when should we use “South Asia”?

March 08, 2021

How Can Less Powerful European States Enhance Their Relations With India?

By Krzysztof Iwanek
The less influential European countries need to work out “less strategic strategies.”

February 22, 2021

Restoring Ties by Restoring Monuments: Indian Diplomacy in Southeast Asia

By Krzysztof Iwanek
Conservation of sacred sites is an important aspect of India’s diplomacy toward Myanmar, Cambodia, Vietnam, and Laos.

February 09, 2021

When Did India’s BJP Lose Its Hawkishness on China?

By Krzysztof Iwanek
To diplomatically stand up to China, all the BJP needs is to do is to revive some of its past rhetoric.
February 02, 2021

Post-Politics or the Politics of Posting: Indian Politics on the Web

By Krzysztof Iwanek
What does India’s ruling party’s guidebook tell us about the era of social media we live in?

January 26, 2021

The Tipu Sultan Party: In Search of a ‘Secular Sultan’

By Krzysztof Iwanek
The image of Tipu Sultan ranges from one extreme to another: a freedom fighter and a secular ruler or a bigoted tyrant.
January 05, 2021

One Federation, One Election? Narendra Modi’s Push for Simultaneous Elections in India

By Krzysztof Iwanek
The (unlikely) introduction of simultaneous elections in India would favor the richest national parties at the expense of regional parties.

January 04, 2021

Spell It Out: Should English Transcription of Indian Words Be Reformed?

By Krzysztof Iwanek
The British colonial government never worked out a coherent and precise way of spelling Indian names.

December 28, 2020

RSS vs RCEP: Explaining Hindu Nationalists’ Opposition to RCEP

By Krzysztof Iwanek
The wide array of Indian groups opposing RCEP included the Hindu nationalist organization behind the ruling party.

December 21, 2020

India’s Fight Against ‘Copying’ Candidates 

By Krzysztof Iwanek
In Indian politics a candidate may get his name, his symbol or party symbol copied by his rivals. 
December 02, 2020

Did India’s Parliament Restrict Democratic Debate With Lockdown Measures? 

By Krzysztof Iwanek
While the scope of legislation and debates in the Indian Parliament were reduced, these measures were temporary and lockdown-related.

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