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Nick Aspinwall

Nick Aspinwall

Nick Aspinwall is a journalist based in Taipei.

Nick Aspinwall is a journalist based in Taipei. He is an editor at Ketagalan Media a Taiwan-focused online media outlet. He reports on migration, the environment, labor rights, and the human consequences of cross-strait politics. Follow him on Twitter @Nick1Aspinwall

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April 04, 2020

Taiwan Will Donate 10 Million Masks in Bid to Aid Global Coronavirus Response

By Nick Aspinwall
The masks will go to the U.S. and EU countries, along with Taiwan’s 15 diplomatic allies. Future mask donations will target South and Southeast Asian nations.

April 03, 2020

The Philippines’ Coronavirus Lockdown Is Becoming a Crackdown

By Nick Aspinwall
Curfew violators, poor and displaced residents, activists, and alleged “fake news” disseminators are facing arrest and persecution as they accuse authorities of failing to provide relief.
March 27, 2020

Taiwan Factory Fire Kills 3 Foreign Workers After Calls to Abolish On-Site Dorms Go Unanswered

By Nick Aspinwall
A fire in a Taichung factory took the lives of three Vietnamese workers. Past calls to ban on-site housing for factory workers have been rejected by Taiwan’s labor ministry.

March 20, 2020

Taiwan Closes Borders in Preparation for Possible ‘Second Wave’ of the Coronavirus

By Nick Aspinwall
The country has managed to contain the outbreak, but it’s on edge after an influx of imported cases from foreign tourists and returning Taiwanese travelers.

March 13, 2020

Taiwan’s KMT Elects New Chair. Will It Reconsider Its Stance on Ties With China?

By Nick Aspinwall
Johnny Chiang swept the KMT chairperson vote, ushering in an apparent next-generation KMT.

March 10, 2020

Mindanao After Martial Law

By Nick Aspinwall
After 31 months of martial law following the siege of Marawi, both the military and insurgents are still firmly in place.
March 06, 2020

Taiwan Braces for Economic Impact of Global Coronavirus Outbreak

By Nick Aspinwall
Taiwan’s tourism and aviation industries are struggling, but most sectors have withstood heavy damage and the government has planned a $2 billion bailout.

February 29, 2020

Calls for Amnesty as Undocumented Worker in Taiwan Contracts the Coronavirus

By Nick Aspinwall
A civic group called for Taiwan to grant amnesty to an estimated 50,000 undocumented workers in the country, citing their fear of reporting COVID-19 symptoms and a workforce shortage.

February 21, 2020

Czech Companies the Latest Target of Chinese Retaliation for Taiwan Ties

By Nick Aspinwall
The Chinese government threatened Czech companies over a planned Taiwan visit by a top Czech official. It’s part of a global strategy to pressure entities that engage with Taiwan.

February 15, 2020

Taiwan Bars Children of Taiwanese-Chinese Couples From Repatriation Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

By Nick Aspinwall
The reversal of an earlier decision to allow the children entry to Taiwan was supported by DPP legislators and revealed a divide among Taiwanese people.

February 07, 2020

Taiwan’s Coronavirus Response Hits Obstacles Set by Chinese Government

By Nick Aspinwall
Despite international calls for Taiwan’s inclusion in the WHO, the country is being restricted from accessing updated information and has struggled to repatriate its citizens from Wuhan.
January 24, 2020

Taiwan, Shut Out From WHO, Confronts Deadly Wuhan Coronavirus

By Nick Aspinwall
President Tsai and a senior U.S. official called for Taiwan’s inclusion in the WHO as the nation confirmed its first coronavirus case on Tuesday.

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