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Nick Aspinwall

Nick Aspinwall

Nick Aspinwall is a journalist based in Taipei.

Nick Aspinwall is a journalist based in Taipei. He is an editor at Ketagalan Media a Taiwan-focused online media outlet. He reports on migration, the environment, labor rights, and the human consequences of cross-strait politics. Follow him on Twitter @Nick1Aspinwall

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September 10, 2019

Taiwan Hosts Top Solomon Islands Official Amid Reports of a Diplomatic Switch to Beijing

By Nick Aspinwall
Solomon islands foreign minister visits Taipei days after a report said a diplomatic switch to Beijing was imminent.
September 07, 2019

Taiwan President Sues Scholars for Alleging Her Doctorate Degree is Fake

By Nick Aspinwall
Tsai Ing-wen is taking legal action against unsubstantiated questioning of the veracity of her diploma as she heads into her bid for re-election.

August 31, 2019

Terry Gou May Run for Taiwan’s President. What Does His Foxconn Record Tell Us?

By Nick Aspinwall
Taiwan’s richest man is reportedly ready to declare his candidacy. Would he run the country like he ran his corporate empire?

August 30, 2019

Chennai’s ‘Man-Made’ Water Crisis

By Nick Aspinwall
The upcoming monsoon may end the immediate crisis, but the city’s serious infrastructure problems will be back.

August 24, 2019

Taiwan’s President (and Her Challenger) Thank US for $8 Billion F-16V Sale

By Nick Aspinwall
Tsai Ing-wen thanked the United States for the deal. So did her main presidential challenger, the Beijing-friendly Han Kuo-yu.
August 17, 2019

Taiwan’s New Power Party Faces Crisis After Departure of Heavyweights

By Nick Aspinwall
Two legislators and the party chairperson have quit the NPP, throwing the “third force” party into turmoil.

August 03, 2019

Taiwan Slams China’s Decision to Freeze Individual Travel to Taiwan

By Nick Aspinwall
Beijing’s terse announcement comes ahead of the Taiwanese presidential election and amid Taipei's support for Hong Kong protesters.
July 27, 2019

Taiwan Shaken by Concerns Over Chinese Influence in Media, Press Freedom

By Nick Aspinwall
A report alleging that some Taiwanese media outlets receive instructions from Chinese officials has been countered with a libel lawsuit.

July 19, 2019

Taiwan President to Stop in Denver as US-Taiwan Ties Strengthen

By Nick Aspinwall
Tsai’s 2-day stopovers in New York and Denver have drawn significant attention as Taiwan seeks to leverage its bond with the US.

July 12, 2019

Taiwan’s KMT Will Choose Its Candidate to Challenge a Resurgent President Tsai

By Nick Aspinwall
KMT contenders struggle to pull away from each other as political momentum shifts back to the ruling DPP.

July 05, 2019

Taiwan Politicians Continue to Align Themselves With Hong Kong Protestors

By Nick Aspinwall
Protestors in Hong Kong demanding the withdrawal of a controversial extradition bill find a reliable ally in Taiwan.
June 27, 2019

Taiwan’s Airline Employees Are Striking for the 2nd Time in 2019

By Nick Aspinwall
A strike by over 2,000 EVA Airways flight attendants is entering its second week, further dampening a difficult 2019 for the major Taiwan airline.

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