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Shawn Snow

Shawn Snow

Shawn Snow is a specialist in the political and military developments of Central and Southwest Asia focused primarily on the conflict in Afghanistan.

Shawn Snow is a specialist in the political and military developments of Central and Southwest Asia focused primarily on the conflict in Afghanistan. He previously served as a signals intelligence analyst with 1st Marine Special Operations Command and as a foreign language interpreter. He completed multiple tours of duty to Iraq and Afghanistan.

He is a two time graduate of the Defense Language Institute specializing in Modern Standard Arabic, Persian Farsi, and Afghan Dari. Upon completing two tours of duty and a ten year career in the Marine Corps, he graduated from the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy where he received his M.A. in international relations and security studies.

Currently, he works in the energy field as an analyst on regulation and policy.

He is also an active writer on security and conflict issues. His works have been published in Foreign Policy, The National Interest, the Washington Post, The Hill, Military Times, Small Wars Journal, Task&Purpose, and Signal Magazine.

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Posts by Shawn Snow
November 21, 2016

President Trump and the War in Afghanistan: What You Need to Know

By Shawn Snow
A situation report on the current terrain.

November 03, 2016

Taliban Commanders Key to Peace With Afghanistan

By Shawn Snow
A factionalized Taliban adds another dynamic to a complicated peace process in Afghanistan.
November 01, 2016

Taliban Set-Backs Open Door to Peace Negotiations

By Shawn Snow
A former senior aide to Mullah Omar has called on the Taliban to negotiate with the Afghan government.

October 26, 2016

Dostum Seeks to Cement His Position in Northern Afghanistan

By Shawn Snow
Dostum’s military adventurism in northern Afghanistan is not to assist Kabul in its war against the Taliban.

October 22, 2016

NATO Trains Afghan Tactical Air Controllers as Civilian Casualties Rise

By Shawn Snow
NATO and Afghan forces continue to adapt to capability and capacity gaps.

October 18, 2016

Spoilers and Peace in Afghanistan: Negotiating With the Taliban

By Shawn Snow
The biggest potential spoiler for Afghan President Ashraf Ghani is Pakistan.
October 15, 2016

Now Is the Time to Hit Pakistan With Sanctions

By Shawn Snow
It is time to put a credible threat of sanctions on the table.

October 12, 2016

Pentagon Metrics on Afghan War are Useless

By Shawn Snow
The U.S. strategy focused on population centers ignores historical realities of Afghan’s counterrevolutionary history.

October 11, 2016

Afghanistan: General Dostum Micromanages Kunduz War

By Shawn Snow
Afghan security forces have been struggling to push the Taliban out of Kunduz city.

October 07, 2016

Afghan Forces Struggle to Hold the Line

By Shawn Snow
Major Afghan cities are currently surrounded and under assault by the Taliban forces.

October 04, 2016

Kunduz Back in Government Control as Taliban Conduct Information Operations

By Shawn Snow
Afghan forces retook the city center of Kunduz on Tuesday after it was briefly taken by Taliban militants.
October 03, 2016

Ghani’s Brussels Trip Overshadowed as Taliban Capture Kunduz Again

By Shawn Snow
The Taliban have launched yet another major assault on Kunduz.

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