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Can the Afghan War Be Won in 2016?

The Diplomat‘s Franz-Stefan Gady speaks with Ankit Panda about the Afghan National Army’s war effort.

Can the Afghan War Be Won in 2016?
Credit: Franz-Stefan Gady for The Diplomat

Franz-Stefan Gady, associate editor of The Diplomat, joins Ankit Panda to discuss his reporting from Afghanistan, where he embedded with the Afghan National Army’s 201st corps in Nangarhar and the NATO Resolute Support Mission in Kandahar. Gady’s reports for The Diplomat from Afghanistan include “How NATO Advises Afghanistan’s National Security Forces“, “Revenge of the Taliban: The Story of the Afghan Soldier Mumtaz,” “Afghanistan: US Air Force’s Mission Has Not Changed,” and “Next Stop Jalalabad: Traveling on One of the World’s Most Dangerous Roads.” For in-depth analysis and coverage of Afghanistan, follow The Pulse.

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