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Yuki Tatsumi

Yuki Tatsumi

Yuki Tatsumi is Director of the Japan Program at the Stimson Center in Washington, D.C.

Yuki Tatsumi is a Senior Fellow and Co-Director of the East Asia Program and Director of the Japan Program at the Stimson Center. She is also a non-resident senior fellow at the Canon Institute for Global Studies in Tokyo, Japan. She is a co-author of Global Security Watch: Japan (Praeger, 2010), an author of Opportunity out of Necessity: Impacts of US Defense Budget Cuts on the US-Japan Alliance (Stimson, 2013), and Japan’s National Security Policy Infrastructure: Can Tokyo Meet Washington’s Expectations? (Stimson Center, 2008).  She also is an editor of several books, including US-Japan-Australia Security Cooperation: Prospects and Challenges (Stimson, 2015), Japan’s Global Diplomacy: View from Next Generation (Stimson, 2015) and Japan’s Challenges in East Asia: View from Next Generation (Stimson, 2015).

Tatsumi holds a B.A. in liberal arts from the International Christian University in Tokyo, Japan and an M.A. in international economics and Asian studies from the Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS) at Johns Hopkins University in Washington.

Posts by Yuki Tatsumi
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May 05, 2017

Abe’s New Vision for Japan's Constitution

By Yuki Tatsumi
Japan's prime minister outlines his plan for revising Japan's constitution by 2020.
March 31, 2017

Japan Eyes 'Counter-Attack' Capability Against North Korea Missile Threat

By Yuki Tatsumi
Developing retaliatory capabilities will face political and financial headwinds in Japan.

March 13, 2017

Japan Self-Defense Force Withdraws From South Sudan

By Yuki Tatsumi
The decision highlights the domestic constraints on Japan's defense activities abroad.

February 10, 2017

Abe Comes to Washington: A Tough Balancing Act

By Yuki Tatsumi
Abe will need to build a relationship with Trump without sparking backlash at home.

February 03, 2017

Defense Secretary Mattis in Asia: Challenges for a 'Reassurer-in-Chief'

By Yuki Tatsumi
If Mattis' job is to reassure allies of U.S. commitment, he will have a full plate during his time as secretary.
December 06, 2016

Shinzo Abe's Visit to Pearl Harbor: What to Expect

By Yuki Tatsumi
What to watch for during the Japanese prime minister's historic trip.

November 11, 2016

Japan's Abe to Meet President-Elect Trump. Why Now?

By Yuki Tatsumi
Why is Japan's prime minister in such a rush to meet the next U.S. president?
November 09, 2016

Trump Wins: Implications for US Allies and Partners in Asia

By Yuki Tatsumi
U.S. allies will face new levels of uncertainty (and anxiety) under President Trump.

October 25, 2016

Japan Rolls out Red Carpet for Philippines' Duterte

By Yuki Tatsumi
There's a good reason Duterte's anti-U.S. comments haven't impacted Japan-Philippines ties.

October 06, 2016

Does Another Election Loom in Japan?

By Yuki Tatsumi
A snap election may be political expedient for Abe, but do Japanese taxpayers need to pay for another election now?

September 19, 2016

Democratic Party Presidential Election: Another Missed Opportunity for Japan's Opposition

By Yuki Tatsumi
Once again, the DP misses a chance to carry out substantial political debate.
September 04, 2016

Japan and Shinzo Abe's Gamble With Russia

By Yuki Tatsumi
Japan's outreach to Russia is risky, as it could end up alienating the United States.

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